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Our work

City of Chula Vista

Chula Vista is home to great stories about its people and exciting projects in the works. The city hired our agency to tell those stories in the Spanish-language media in the region and to advance its efforts to cultivate partnerships with civic and business leaders in Baja California.

City leaders wanted to raise awareness about sweeping projects, such as the Bayfront, and the opportunities these offer for employment, education and housing. Our agency organized several television and print interviews with newly elected Mayor Mary Casillas Salas, who is a natural spokeswoman for Latino and Mexico-based media.

The agency promoted important milestones, such as the State of the City address and commission vacancies, through translating and adapting city-issued press releases.

CIMA identified those city actions of particular interest to its Latino residents, such as a City Council adoption of a resolution to support the so-called "DACA and DAPA" immigration programs. The agency issued a Spanish-language press release the evening the resolution was passed, which was picked up by several Latino outlets.

Chula Vista's unique location on the border affords the city boundless economic and cultural opportunities. The agency advised Mayor Casillas Salas as she cultivated friendships with business and civic leaders in Tijuana. The goal is to develop mutually beneficial partnerships that lead to investment in Chula Vista and economic growth for the region.

Tijuana Innovadora

Tijuana civic and business leaders organized a visionary conference in 2010 to showcase the cutting-edge technology, business, art and culture the city offered to the world. Innovators from around the globe converged on Tijuana, including Nobel Prize winners, multinational CEOs and international artists.

That event, called Tijuana Innovadora, spawned a citizens’ movement that now promotes innovation across the binational region. CIMA's founders have been a part of the conference’s communication team since the inaugural event, providing a variety of services. They introduced the conference to San Diego civic and business leaders, many of whom went on to become members of a standing Binational Committee.

They led promotion of the conference and its themes to the general market and Latino news media in California and beyond, and organized bilingual press conferences and media tours in Tijuana. They also wrote web content for the event’s English-language Internet site. Their work for the 2014 edition alone yielded more than 50 stories in the print, electronic and online news media.

Tijuana Innovadora has evolved into a movement whose goal is to promote innovation year-round with special events on both sides of the border. CIMA continues to be a part of this work, which has been hailed across the world as a model of citizen engagement to advance a region.

New Health Foundation

We created the communication infrastructure for this new non-profit organization, the Multicultural Health Foundation. Its vision is that all members of the community -- regardless of their skin color, income level or zip code – have an equal opportunity to obtain quality health care. That’s not happening now, and certain communities are suffering disproportionately from devastating chronic diseases.

We were commissioned to develop a logo, which would frame all other communication pieces, such as business cards, letterhead and PowerPoint presentations. Our designer explored the images, symbols and colors of the San Diego region's multicultural communities. And he surveyed the brand ecosystem that the new foundation would inhabit that includes health foundations and for-profit organizations. His goal was to create a distinctive logo that reflected the foundation's multicultural vision while fitting into the region's health and philanthropic space.

We fine-tuned the logo and its tagline during a series of conversations with the foundation’s leadership and staff. Once we had a logo, the designer worked closely with our website development team to integrate its “look and feel” into the design of the foundation’s website ( All these elements comprised the communication framework for the new foundation.

We also provided the words, photos and images being used to promote the foundation, including to potential funders and the news media, setting the communication framework for its success.