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Our services

Multicultural Communications

Our agency specializes in reaching Latino, African American and other ethnic communities that form the cultural mosaic of the United States.

We have lived in these communities and worked there in the general market and ethnic media. We respect their history and culture – and understand how best to engage them.

We partner with our clients to create strategic communication plans to reach these communities. We customize our services to implement those plans, meeting our clients’ needs.

Our high-quality work yields measurable results for our clients -- and contributes to the community we’re reaching – our company’s goals.

Binational Public Relations

Our agency works seamlessly in Mexico and the United States, providing a variety of public relations services for our clients.

We have cultivated friendships with public and private sector leaders and influential media across the border. We can connect our clients to the right individuals and organizations with the right approach and messaging.

We can coordinate interviews, organize press conferences and coordinate media buys on both sides of the border, as well.

We accompany our clients every step of the way as they navigate a new area, language and culture, ensuring their success.

Visual Impact

Visual communication is powerful.

Our team of multicultural professionals takes the time to understand our clients' world and their communication needs. We produce photographs, videos and designs that are distinctive and effective.

Our photographers and videographers go on location to produce what’s needed, working with the cultural sensitivity that's required. These photographs can be used in a variety of formats, saving our clients time and money.

Our designers can provide a variety of services in English and Spanish. These include developing a suite of products – such as logos, business cards, letterhead and presentation templates -- for new organizations or ones that want to refresh their image. This is done after conducting an evaluation of the organization’s needs and the marketplace ecosystem they inhabit.

Website Development

A website is an essential tool for today’s world but many organizations lack the expertise and staff to develop their own. That’s where we come in.

We create websites or update existing ones. We help our clients to identify goals for the site, the online tasks to be completed, the target audiences they need to reach and the resources they have to operate it. Then we propose a site customized to meet their requirements and budget.

Our designers are multicultural professionals dedicated to presenting the client's authentic image and voice. And our programmers use the latest digital solutions to make the site functional, user-friendly and positioned to grow an online community.

We also develop written, photographic and video content for websites, in English and Spanish.

These services help our clients do what they do best – while providing an attractive, functional website.


We translate virtually any content, from letters and documents to marketing materials to scripts. In most cases, we can accommodate rush requests.

We do more than translate content from English to Spanish, and Spanish to English. We adapt the words and phrases to connect to the target culture, making sure the intended message is delivered with power and clarity.


We're veteran storytellers across print, electronic and online platforms.

We have the skills and experience to report and write on practically any topic on either side of the border, in English or Spanish.

We have a passion for two specialties: Multicultural affairs, which capture the news in Latino, African American and other ethnic communities; and border affairs, which report the broad range of news rooted on both sides of the border.

We collaborate with top journalists in the region, including photojournalists and TV reporters, who work on both sides of the border. These award-winning professionals can produce everything from breaking news stories to in-depth features, on request.

Our journalistic work is creative and professional while we adhere to the principles of accuracy, fairness and ethics.